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Oswald Allik, The Tillamook (Terrible Tilly) Lighthouse Keeper, tells of his final parting with his favorite lighthouse:

"Well, there did come a parting of our ways, me and Tilly. It happened on a bright cloudless day with a calm sea. An automated beacon buoy was set up in place of the lighthouse. That’s progress for you.

It was with a heavy heart, I made one last entry in her guest book, because really, we were all just guests on that island:"

"'Farewell, Tillamook Rock Light Station. An era has ended. With this final entry, and not without sentiment, I return thee to the elements. You, one of the most notorious and yet fascinating of the sea-swept sentinels in the world; long the friend of the tempest-tossed mariner. Through howling gale, thick fog and driving rain your beacon has been a star of hope and your foghorn a voice of encouragement. May the elements of nature be kind to you. For 77 years you have beamed your light across desolate acres of ocean. Keepers have come and gone; men lived and died; . . .'"

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