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Color in All Seasons

cover symphony of color

After an occupational lifetime spent growing plants for other people, I have heard one common refrain. It goes something like this: “I’d like to see blooms, color and interest on my property from early spring until frost.”
The people have spoken.
“A Symphony of Color” describes different plants that bloom throughout the year as if it were a year-long symphony. The book details the growing habits and culture of each plant. Below are sample plants from the book.



Another spring bulb that is fun to grow and can be treated like a perennial is a giant flowering allium. Given adequate sun, fertile soil, and space, plenty of space, alliums are fun to grow.



Annuals add those much appreciated splashes of color to the homeowner’s landscape throughout the growing season. This cannot be matched by perennials.


Black-Eye Susans

Yellow Black-Eye Susans look their best during the hot summer months. They tolerate dry, warm conditions and look great when massed somewhere in the mid-border of the landscape.