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(FATHER and SON enter and SON takes seat. FATHER goes to the front of the stage and addresses audience.)

FATHER: As a parent, you are, from time to time, asked some difficult questions. And it is almost never about the birds and the bees type of stuff. No one wants to either ask or answer THOSE questions. And a good thing too. But the question I’m about to get now, well, they just seem to come right out of nowhere; are totally unexpected; and you never quite know where they are going to end up. But they all need answering, nonetheless. And that’s what I’m hoping to do.

(FATHER goes back and sits down. Both FATHER and SON are watching television.)

SON: Dad?

FATHER: Yes, Son?

SON: What’s life about?

FATHER: (Stands up again, moves forward to front of stage, addressing audience.) And mostly, parents do their best to avoid answering these kinds of questions too. But there it is, just hanging out there. “What is life about?” Well, fine, we are watching this science show. So, I’m guessing what he really wants to know is how is life sustained? You know, what keeps it going? So, in a parental act of complete avoidance, I’ll do my best to give him that answer. (FATHER goes back and sits down.)

FATHER: Well, in order to have life, my Son, you need to breathe. There has to be some sort of respiration involved in order for life to sustain itself. (Gives a thumbs up to audience, points at his head, smiling.)

SON: No, I mean what is life. What’s it about. Why are we here at all?

FATHER: (Looks over at SON with a surprised expression. SON continues to watch television, as if asking the obvious. FATHER shakes his head, stands up and moves back to center stage, addressing the audience.) Well, there it is, there it is. Right out there. “Why are we here at all?” Uhmmmmm, what to do? What to do? Of course, this is why you go to Sunday School and Church. For moments like these. So you’ll have at least some answers and know what to tell your children. Well, let’s see what I come up with here? Should be good. (Goes back and sits down, addressing SON .)

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